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Are you the "go to" person for health advice
at work, home, or in your community? If you consider contributing to the spiritual health and wellbeing of others an exciting idea, then a part- or full-time career as a Torahpractic Certified Practitioner may be for you. New program details available now.

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Torahpractic Medicine

What is Torahpractic Medicine?
Healing begins by identifying and resolving the spiritual disorders that obstruct and weaken an individual's innate connection with the Divine, and culminates in transforming physical, emotional, and mental illness into states of greater spiritual health and wellbeing.

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Need help with healing?
The Institute's Torahpractic Healing Clinic offers you the opportunity to meet with a Torahpractic Practitioner for help in identifying and resolving soul disorders that underly physical, emotional and mental illnesses, so that you can better achieve total wellbeing.

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